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Czech Republic

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favourite composers

Jerry Goldsmith; Alan Silvestri; Elliot Goldenthal; Vangelis; Murray Gold; Don Davis; Jan Hammer; Danny Elfman; Mick Gordon

favourite artists

Nine Inch Nails; Muse; Giorgio Moroder; Jean-Michel Jarre; Depeche Mode; Juno Reactor; Carpenter Brut; Rammstein

favourite films

Matrix; Total Recall; TRON; Stargate; Event Horizon; Alien; Blade Runner; The Thing; Back to the Future; The Terminator; Ghost in the Shell; Akira

favourite books

Dune; Neuromancer; Roadside Picnic; Foundation; Snow Crash; Ender's Game; War of the Worlds; Starship Troopers; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

favourite video games

Deus Ex; System Shock; PREY; EVE Online; Deus Ex: Human Revolution; Metal Gear Solid 2; Mass Effect; Quake;FTL;Risk of Rain

cyberpunk pattern
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Or am I? My real name is Ladislav Tomisek, but I didn't want to put you through the arduous task of pronouncing it, so I chose a marketable pseudonym.


I started writing music professionally in 2017 and the numerous projects I have participated in have allowed me to hone my art and refine my skills, resulting in me carving out my style and niche into what it is today. Looking at the aesthetics of my site alone will tell you a lot about what that is...

Artistic Vision

It's the sort of music you would hear in an 80s scifi movie. I love that stuff - always liked tech, I have grown up with those movies as I have grown up with the rise of the internet and modern computing. Wanted to be a cool hacker so I went to an IT college - turns out it's not at all like what Hollywood would have you think [who would have thought?].

So I realised that I am more into the aesthetics of cyberpunk rather than working in the IT industry and as such I make music that takes people into futuristic worlds.

I only deal with a tasteful amounts of cheese though - yes, I write nostalgic pieces, but in the spirit of scifi I am looking towards the future and constantly reinvent my art and take advantage of modern techniques and trends to create truly unique music that takes you just as far into the future as it takes you into the past - thus it is never confined in genre and spans from purely piano and orchestral pieces to hip hop beats - whatever it takes to suit the drama on screen.


Why I chose to write for media? I love being a part of someone's creative flow and helping them unleash their inner world through my music - I love telling stories with my music but I am no good at making up stories. I love creating a sound for the worlds, stories, and characters, allowing the audience to connect to the story on a whole new level.

Just like my favourite composers have always done for me.

cyberpunk pattern